Budapest: The Capital of Sex

ungary is one of the greatest in the porn industry, generating about 1,000 million dollars a year, the 0.5% of GDP. Which are the reasons? Making a porno film in Hungary is much cheaper than making it in other places, the country has very good locations and above all, it is known by the amazing beauty of the Hungarian girls. Many of them are dedicated to the porn industry, although most do so sporadically. And such is their good fame, that sometimes, even when the production is performed in the Czech Republic, the actresses are Hungarian.

Paying for Sex in the Philippines: One Man Tells All

The Philippines is an island nation in South East Asia. With 7,107 islands and beautiful scenery, it has all the hallmarks of a tropical paradise. The Philippines is also a Catholic country colonised by the Spanish who brought their religion with them. You’d think that a Catholic country would be inhibited, repressed and boring. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

Top 10 Sexiest Flight Attendant Uniforms

From France to India, Singapore to Finland, TravelSexLife has scoured the world’s best hotel lounges with our eyes only on one thing. Cabin crews.

Hot on the heels of our new 69/69 series, comes our round-up of the world’s top ten sexiest flight attendent uniforms.

Here’s what we found. Seen sexier?

Air France

The French go for this stylish and sleek number with a red bow/belt style-thing tying the look together. Easily enough to make us put down our snails.
Virgin Blue

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