Top 10 Sexiest Flight Attendant Uniforms

From France to India, Singapore to Finland, TravelSexLife has scoured the world’s best hotel lounges with our eyes only on one thing. Cabin crews.

Hot on the heels of our new 69/69 series, comes our round-up of the world’s top ten sexiest flight attendent uniforms.

Here’s what we found. Seen sexier?

Air France

The French go for this stylish and sleek number with a red bow/belt style-thing tying the look together. Easily enough to make us put down our snails.
Virgin Blue

That’s one happy looking pilot and justly so with the women in red (yet strangely of Virgin blue) lining his arms. The purple necktie? That’ll look nice coming down the aisle.
Vietnam Airlines

The Vietnamese stick to their traditional ao-dai to wow passengers in Southeast Asia.
Singapore Airlines

Singapore play it the Vietnamese way with this bold statement. Not an airport in sight and still rockin’
Irazu Air

We can’t tell whether that’s a type of fez or a simple red hat, but we’d definitely like to take it off.

It could be something out of Thunderbirds if it wasn’t for such gamely, vivacious figures.
Hooters Airlines

We couldn’t believe this airline existed either but we bet their parents feel really proud…

The first Scandinavian’s on the list and the sexiest by far in this spacey-blue and white outfit.
Emirates Airlines

We’re loving the side-veil look of Emirates Airlines. Bet there’s no risk of Lockerbie-style bombings on their flights. Terrorists too busy gawping at air stewardesses we bet.