Budapest: The Capital of Sex

ungary is one of the greatest in the porn industry, generating about 1,000 million dollars a year, the 0.5% of GDP. Which are the reasons? Making a porno film in Hungary is much cheaper than making it in other places, the country has very good locations and above all, it is known by the amazing beauty of the Hungarian girls. Many of them are dedicated to the porn industry, although most do so sporadically. And such is their good fame, that sometimes, even when the production is performed in the Czech Republic, the actresses are Hungarian.

So Hungary can brag about having the world’s most beautiful girls and indeed, anyone who has spent a few days in one of the apartments in Budapest, can tell you. Walking through its streets you can get to feel like witnessing a fashion show featuring top models. In Hungary, even the ugliest girl is still beautiful. This together with the alleged open-mind, sexually speaking, of the Hungarian girls attracts every year a lot of tourists seeking a holiday including the chance to spend a night of fun and debauchery with some of these girls.

The eroticism and sensuality of Budapest are unleashed at night, especially in spring and summer, in the many parties that take place in different bars and clubs in town. There, with the mixture of joy and alcohol is easier to meet girls and of course, finish the night accompanied by one of them. Still, this reputation is often fostered by the vision we have of the country from abroad, through its porn films, so visiting Budapest of course, isn’t’ a guarantee to have an affair with one of its inhabitants.

However from the same country they often promote this image of Budapest as the capital of sex, creating major sex tourism, but at the end of the day tourism, that visits the city every year. There are many live jasmin strip clubs throughout the city and prostitution is also internationalized. There is many people who visit Hungary just for its clubs, and not only people from the countries beside Hungary. Many businesses men take the opportunity of being in Budapest to spend a night in one of these clubs before coming back home.

So for those who do not trust their own abilities to flirt and meet girls the old way or just want to avoid trouble, you can visit one of these clubs. Budapest has some of the best around Europe, where for a reasonable price you can enjoy the open bar, strip shows, lap dances, etc… Some of the best known are Palace Night Club or P1 Gentlemen’s Club, which they even have a chauffeur service which picks the customers up in their Budapest apartments to take them to the club and take them back to the apartments at the end of the night.

Wherever is your choice Budapest attracts every year more people interested in this side of the city that often has nothing to do with architectural and cultural heritage.